Our History

ProTeen is a program that specializes in preventative drug testing for teens and their parents or guardians. Utilizing a comprehensive approach that focuses not only on random drug testing, but also parent education, family communication, and teen support, ProTeen seeks to reduce the number of students and families who are affected by drug and alcohol addiction. ProTeen is a product of it’s parent company, The Chemnet Consortium.Purchased in 2013 by Samantha and Stan Morris, Chemnet emphasizes workplace safety by offering drug and alcohol testing programs to employers.

Our Vision

Focusing on a more proactive approach to drug and alcohol addiction, the ProTeen program is designed to be a mutual agreement between a parent (or guardian) and teen to abstain from harmful substances. Through participation in the ProTeen program, teens know up front that Chemnet can call the parents to schedule a drug test at any time. The benefits are twofold: parents have peace of mind that their student is staying away from harmful substances, and teens have an easy “out” when it comes to peer pressure to participate in activities involving drugs or alcohol. Samantha Morris, Vice President of Chemnet and the heart behind ProTeen, says, “Due to participation in the program, kids have a good excuse to say no when peer pressure finds them. For most kids, that’s all they need…a really good reason to say no.”

Our Owners

“Stan and I purchased Chemnet to help businesses create safe, drug and alcohol free work environments. We became quickly aware of how many people are addicted to these substances and what addicts will do to support their addictions. We have to do something and it has to start with our teens. We have to get to teens before they even have the opportunity to become addicted. And most teens just need a really good reason to say “no”. So we designed the ProTeen program for parents to give their teens the tools they need to hopefully never even have the chance to become addicted.”