What can I do to help make this program successful?

The success of the this program requires parent support and involvement. To make the most of your investment, here are a few tips:

Communicate with your teen – Make sure they understand the reason you are providing this program is to equip them with tools when they are faced with peer-pressure. It is easier to say “No, I can’t do that because my parents have me drug tested”.

Complete a Parent Teen Contract – ProTeen has developed this tool for you and your teen to complete together. It is designed to open the line of communication between you and your teen. It lays out expectations for each of you, and also offers an incentive for participating and excelling in the ProTeen program.

Monitor your teen – As a subscriber of ProTeen, we will provide information on drug use trends for you to be aware of. This educations allows you to monitor your teen and others to identify if you have a reason to suspect substance abuse.

Address concerns you have with your teen – Keeping an open line of communication with your teen is so important. They need to know you are paying attention and willing to address these issues with them. Doing the right thing is not usually the most popular thing, this pertains to teens AND parents.

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